We provide package label solutions for various industries,
utilizing almost all relevant printing methods.

Digital Label Printing

Digitally printed labels boast several advantages for many projects with minimal upfront costs and less set up waste. Labels can be produced quickly and in a cost effective manner without sacrificing quality. Digital printing is an effective solution for pre-market samples, sales samples, seasonal and multiple SKUs.

Flexographic Label Printing

Flexographic printing allows for long run production labels and flexible packaging to be produced with high quality printing processes. By incorporating spot treatments and hot or cold foil stamping, a premium look can be acheived on a variety of substrates. Color matching and automatic registration systems ensure quality labels and flexible packaging are created faster and with less waste.

Pressure Sensitive Label Printing

Pressure sensitive technology is the most versatile labeling method currently available. This technology allows for various decorative and functional attributes to be applied in a cost effective manner. Upfront costs for pressure sensitive labels are relatively low creating greater flexibility for the customer to change packaging shapes and sizes.

Shrink Label Printing

For full coverage graphics on bottles or packaging, shrink sleeves are a great way to showcase any product's brand equity. Colorful sleeves are steam heated to conform to the packaging, creating a unique look that draws attention to the product on the shelf. Steinhauser has experience producing shrink sleeves for many applications and is accustomed to partnering with bottlers and co-packers to ensure the product runs successfully on the line.

In-Mold Label Printing

Labels are simultaneously applied when the bottle is blown or formed in the In-Mold process. This process allows for unique bottle designs and is best suited for containers that will keep the same shape for an extended period of time. This, along with superior graphic capabilities, makes In-Mold a great process for adding brand distinction to laundry and fabric care, automotive, food & beverage packaging.